About me

Pondering My Interests

I am fascinated by the natural world.  From day to do, if I’m having a rough time, stressed, worried, angry, what have you, often the easiest way for me to cope is by taking a step outside and breathing in the living wonder around me.  My mother exposed me to trees, flowers, and other greenery from a young age.  From partaking in my parents landscape business to science center summer camps, I got to get my hands dirty and smell fresh air.  I became instilled with the idea that the natural world is precious and beautiful.  I took those elementary school mini lessons on being a steward of the planet very seriously.  Of course, starting college has had a rather tumultuous effect on all of these understanding of nature.  Recent discussions on the concepts and interweaving of nature and culture have caused me to seriously reconsider what nature is and what it means to me.  Fortunately, college hasn’t just been a series of lectures and hangovers, but instead I’ve had a chance to really pick my professors brains, read and analyze some fascinating scholarship, and start formulating my own thoughts on the world.

One thing about college: I have learned a great deal about the environment I live in and the inequalities citizens of the world must deal with.  When I have enough knowledge to not only sustain a conversation, but lead one, I feel very confident and empowered.  I have an interest is learning how people function, think , feel, communicate, and cope.  There are a lot of problems in the world, and I think that the first step to reversing them is by learning more, being more informed.  The next step is starting controversial  and/or compelling conversations, to start rolling the ball of meaningful change.

I am interested in technology’s impact on how people approach their environment and the natural world.  I am also intrigued by the idea of perspective, especially how people’s various cultural/ethnic background can influence the way they see the world.  The borders of culture, race, ethnicity, and language have been a constant presence in my life.  Much like Gloria Anzaldua, I too am familiar with borders, “straddling [them] all my life.”  Having an American mother and Taiwanese father have ensured a steady tug and pull within myself.

Some more tidbits in no particular order:
I smile at the thought of Argentine tango, hugs, plants, swing dance, organization, civic engagement, financial confidence, contra dance, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and intimate discussion groups.
I enjoy creating free verse poetry (for therapeutic reasons), jewelry, crafts, theatre set pieces, things that are practical, baked goods (in particular cookies), and solid research papers.
I love being an audience to fantasy fiction, short stories, folk tales, bluegrass, choirs, classical music, magnificent architecture, earth houses, and informative documentaries on the state of the economy, poverty, the environment, and other edgy issues.


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