Breastfeeding and Jury Duty

While this isn’t exactly about breast cancer or the environment, it still kind of falls within my motto of “duty to inquire.”  Plus, this article caught my attention and I felt like sharing.

The article: Michigan may exempt nursing moms from jury duty
“Michigan lawmakers have approved a bill that would exempt breastfeeding mothers from jury duty.”

While the idea behind it makes sense, what I’m curious about here is why there has to be a law about it.  What does it say that the Michigan legislator was so quick to agree to create this bill.  Is this the most urgent legislation to get to?  One commenter was very eloquent when s/he stated “Good Lord Almighty. What the hell are our lawmakers doing? Coming up with ridiculous bills when so many Americans are out of work.”

Some might argue that the reason this is offensive is because it solidly puts women “back” into the domestic sphere (where they belong).  It allows women to politely excuse themselves from the political “man’s world” while they busy themselves being proper mothers.  Another commenter stated “They are only doing this because it is a well known fact that nursing woman cannot make good decisions.”  While this may very well be a joke (I sure hope so), it’s true that this sentiment exists in society at large.  Women’s nursing ties them very closely to their bodies, more specifically their breasts.  This could then be further supported by the fact that women have long been connected to their bodies and more importantly not to their minds. I’m still thinking through if this is really worth my attention, but it certainly caught my ear when I heard about it on NPR.

Are my possible interpretations a stretch?  What do you think this legislation could mean for women?