What does it mean to live downstream?

Hey! Check out some work from the woman that inspired the title of this blog: livingdownstream.com/essays

If you’re more into videos, this is the trailer for the movie that is coming out based on her story.  I just think that this is really important to be aware of.  Before hearing about the Sandra Steingraber and people with stories like hers, I hadn’t even stopped to wonder: what if it’s not just genetics and personal decisions that determine one’s health?

Of course, we are aware of “the environment” having an impact on our health.  Yet, to really start wondering about how intentional the creation of our environment is, or what kind of policies dictate what can and cannot enter our bodies through the environment, is really potent.  Reading about her helped me to start asking these questions.

Even if the connections she is making are not true in our own lives, it’s still so important to ask them in the first place.  This connects quite well with why this blog is called Duty to Inquire.  Whether or not the problem exists because of this thing or that thing, we all have a duty to inquire, especially when not everyone has the resources, the education, and ultimately the privilege to ask the questions I am asking now.


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